On Climate Change and Economy

At the moment, not a single country has taken juridical measures at state-level to reduce GHG-emissions. As a result, not a single country in the world has been able to set up an effective strategy to reduce GHG-emissions adequately. The document found here lists effective legal measures countries can take to reduce their emissions and move away from individual actions/projects towards a national approach. This would ensure that GHG-gas emissions may be reduced from the current percentage (less than 5%) to a much higher percentage (more than 80%).

On Increased Environmental Advantage

In addition to the main suggestions, some additional environmental measures are available in the following document.

On Globalisation and increased Urban Efficiency

In order to promote international trade and in order to increase urban efficiency, certain additional measures can be found in this document.

On Transport

Several suggestions have been listed in this document on how cities may be made car-free. This would increase traffic flow, and the speed of transport.